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I am a person who loves life and loves capturing it in pictures and recording it in many ways. I have been happily married for over 40 years to my wonderful husband Mike. We have raised 4 daughters, were foster parents for 11 years and are now raising 2 of our grandchildren. They are the love of our lives and the light in our eyes. At this time in our lives, we would expect to be planning for retirement, but instead we are planning for the future of these children. Starting over so to speak. At the ripe old age of 50, I found myself as a mom of a pre-schooler again so it's the second time around for us, thus my title. We attend church and teach Sunday School. Life is never dull, as you can imagine. Enjoy the pieces of our lives and allow this grandmother some bragging rights occasionally, ok very often.
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Organizing Challenge

So, this week I am starting a new challenge, one that I hope will help me. I found it last night while I was browsing Pinterest.  Yes~I know~It's an obsession~I can't help it~I'm addicted~enough said.  Anyway, I stumbled across this link for the Organized Home Challenge. It looks like something easy to follow and really great!  So, I'm jumping in.  The challenge actually begins with the kitchen counters. Easy enough right? Right?
and it seems really straightforward.
 If you need to  have your hand held while you  go thru EVERYTHING, then this is the challenge for you. I started last night really looking at what was on the kitchen counters. To see if everything really needed to be there. Guess what, it didn't. My toaster is rarely used but it was taking up precious counter space that I don't have a lot of. So into the cabinet it went. I also had a big glass jar for snacks that I just love, but it is rarely used. I asked the kids why and they said it never had any "good" snacks in it. I asked them to define "good snacks" and all I got was" Slim Jims" and "Beef Jerky". I love that the challenge gives you a week for each project. Some won't take a week but some will go longer in my case.There is a week for magazines and newspapers. I dont' subscribe to either so that should be an easy week. However, I do need to pare down  my scrapbook magazines. So I am using the blog for accountability. I will take some pictures to show my progress. This is more for my benefit to keep me going. Anyone willing to join me? The more the merrier. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Welcome 2014
The first post of the new year.
A blank page.
A clean slate.
A chance to start fresh.

 Anythings possible right? Right! So instead of listing, posting, or writing some things I'm going to DO, I'm going to focus on things I'm NOT going to do. 

I am NOT going to feel guilty
I am NOT going to waste time watching TV
I am NOT going to procrastinate
I am NOT going to ignore my clutter
I  am NOT going to be a Sunday christian

Isn't is wonderful that we get a Do-Over every year? But really, we don't have to wait until January 1st. We can get a do-over any time we need one, with just two little words. "Forgive me." God is that close, any time we need Him. The past is wiped away and we have an instant clean slate. Isn't that amazing?

I haven't posted in awhile, so those of you who follow might not be aware that I have a new grandson. Isn't he adorable?
His name is Michael and he was born Dec 12th, 2013 in Guatemala. I will get to see him in 24 days, I cannot wait! Penny is bringing him to the states to visit. I do get to Skype and want to jump thru the computer to hold him. He's just so scrumptious. I'm thinking about trying to set up a photo shoot while he's here with all 7 grandchildren. Am I crazy? Probably so but I just love pictures. See isn't this cute?
It's so worth all the hassle. Well, to me it is. I have  been busy, forgotten about, ignored my blog and I promise to post more often. We are trying to be supportive of grandparents raising grandchildren so there will be more posts on that subject this year. There are quite a few of us out there and support is hard to find. So Happy New Year until we meet again.