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I am a person who loves life and loves capturing it in pictures and recording it in many ways. I have been happily married for over 40 years to my wonderful husband Mike. We have raised 4 daughters, were foster parents for 11 years and are now raising 2 of our grandchildren. They are the love of our lives and the light in our eyes. At this time in our lives, we would expect to be planning for retirement, but instead we are planning for the future of these children. Starting over so to speak. At the ripe old age of 50, I found myself as a mom of a pre-schooler again so it's the second time around for us, thus my title. We attend church and teach Sunday School. Life is never dull, as you can imagine. Enjoy the pieces of our lives and allow this grandmother some bragging rights occasionally, ok very often.
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Today was a wonderful day spent with family. We ate until we couldn't eat any more and then we ate some more. Here's a recap of our wonderful day.
Of course we all had to do our "thankful cards" we guessed who wrote each card. Even the kids were involved. Too cute!
The children's table was outside and so bright that Ellis needed sunglasses. It was such a beautiful day.
Paige, Greg and Austin joined us.
Autumn and Robert had to hurry and eat to be at another Thanksgiving meal at 3....the sacrifices we make for family!!
Our wonderful hosts. Amy hosted Thanksgiving, I will be doing Christmas in Alabama.
After we stuffed ourselved, the sale papers appeared and here is Ellis showing us what he wants for Christmas.
While waiting on the sales to start we decided to go see this movie. Kayleigh and Aunt Amy went to see "Twilight" while the boys and I went to the fun movie. Then we walked around Atlantic Station and found this.....
Don' these little guys look sooooooooooooo excited??
That's all folks. We enjoyed our day and missed Penny being with us but she will be here for Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spending time with those you love.

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  1. I could guess the thankful cards just based on handwriting! I missed you guys as well! But honestly, I love teaching overseas so this might become more of the norm.