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I am a person who loves life and loves capturing it in pictures and recording it in many ways. I have been happily married for over 40 years to my wonderful husband Mike. We have raised 4 daughters, were foster parents for 11 years and are now raising 2 of our grandchildren. They are the love of our lives and the light in our eyes. At this time in our lives, we would expect to be planning for retirement, but instead we are planning for the future of these children. Starting over so to speak. At the ripe old age of 50, I found myself as a mom of a pre-schooler again so it's the second time around for us, thus my title. We attend church and teach Sunday School. Life is never dull, as you can imagine. Enjoy the pieces of our lives and allow this grandmother some bragging rights occasionally, ok very often.
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simplify Life

I got this post from  http://www.getorganizedwizard.com/blog/2012/10/12-ways-to-simplify-your-life/ . It's all about simplifying your life. My life isn't as crazy as most but everyone can stand some help in this area.

It wasn't a coincidence that number one dealt with the mail. My number one problem is paper piles. They're everywhere. Her number one suggestion is to open mail over the trash can or recycling bin. Don't even let it get inside your house. My mother can't stand to throw out magazines and sales ads so she sends them to me to do it!! If a piece of mail or paper does make it inside, deal with it immediately. I said deal with it immediately. I am preaching to the choir here. I got something I needed to handle for Mike. A quick little thing that took all of 5 minutes. But I sat it down and completely forgot about it until this week. I had 45 days to return this item or he could lose his insurance. Huge repercussions....so I had to overnight mail it for $21. A small price to pay to have insurance but $21 is $21 that I totally didn't have to spend on mail. Lesson learned the hard way.

Number 2 was to  Have A Ready-For-Donation Box
Keep a ready-for-donation box, basket, or bag somewhere handy and visible. Mine is near the laundry. That way if I know something is getting too small, I wash it one more time and in it goes.
This keeps the kids clothing (and mine) from getting out of control.
Once full, it goes in the back of my car to donate. Luckily the donation center is close by.

Number 3 is so stupidly simple. Just DON'T BUY IT. The less stuff you have coming in, the less you have to deal with and keep up with
Before you buy anything, ask yourself if you need it or love it.
If you don’t need or love it, just. don’t. buy. it.

Number 4 is to USE YOUR NICE THINGS NOW! Don't wait, enjoy them today. Having things for special occasions and holidays means storing things all year to use once or twice. Too much saving for later adds to the clutter and becomes overwhelming.

Number 5 is to limit your social media activities to just a few sites – unless social networking is your passion or business.
Focus on the two or three networks that matter most for business or friendship. Any more than that and you will be spreading yourself thin and feeling unproductive.

Number 6 hit really close to home for me and I struggle with this one. ONLY WATCH GOOD TV.
To help ease feelings of stress and overwhelm, it helps to have good quality leisure time.
When it comes to TV, be clear about what’s on your What Not To Watch list. Only watch TV that meets your viewing policy - perhaps it makes you laugh, learn, or relax.
Buy, borrow, or rent your favorite programs on DVD. Never be at the mercy of whatever’s on the box.

Well that's the first half of the list. Will share the rest on Monday when I return from my weekend get away. I can not wait. I hope the leaves are pretty. Just found out today that the Apple Festival in Ellijay will be going on while we are there. Maybe we will go, maybe we won't, no real plans at all. That's the fun of a weekend like this. Also no Internet! But I will survive.  Have a great weekend.

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